Midnight Turtles

Triple European Winners
  • Ekibimizin
  • Galibiyet 125
  • Kayıplar 42
  • Beraberlik 91
  • Ülke Sweden
  • Kuruluş Yılı 2016
SMALL TEAM HUGE PASSION, We are PixieSquad, and we create unique and super awesome themes for gamers. An unlimited passion for design and giant love for a gaming, doing wonders beyond our capabilities.


From playing Nintendo, action and shooter games we have always wanted to achieve something in the big wild gaming world.


Now in the modern age, the gaming world is to be called ‘E-Sports’. Where our main focus lies. We have dedicated ourselves to develop our careers in this direction. As it’s where we can show our creativity in the fullest, where passion and crazy effects aren’t a problem, where rules are at the minimum.